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Die Verteidigungs-Politiker im Bundestag (2002 - 2006) - als pdf


Empfehlungen für Freaks - täglich (“leider” englisch):

Stand: Juni 2002 (guter Überblick der US-Tagespresse) (Bravo, lieber Giovanni de Briganti) (für den Überblick über die US-Politik)


English-Version - from GOOGLE

Sorry, but GeoPowers can only offer the very famous translation from

To get the english version of GeoPowers, please:

  1. Go to and type: geopowers;
  2. the following screen offers You: “Translate this page” (click).
  3. to get the article, You have to scroll (our “marking positions” are not transformed);
  4. Excuse some faults in that translation - they belong to our “Kauderwelsch”; we like that terrific service from google.

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